Best Time to Prune Dogwood Tree?


Pruning of dogwood trees is done either in late winter or early spring. It should be done before any substantial new growth begins and it is preferably done by making clean cuts with a sharp pair of pruning shears.
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Consider pruning your dogwood tree after the flowers have finished for the year. This will help next year's flowers overall health, appearance and quantity. Pruning can be as early
You can cut any branches that you don't want flush with the trunk and the rest you can cut all that is needed to round the top. I treat my dogwoods like any other tree in the yard
In early Spring. The reason a dogwood, Cornus, is such an attractive shrub is that the young growth is so colourful in Winter, so cut everything down to the ground in early Spring
Dogwood's are very populous, and are often used as decoration. It is not illegal to remove them.
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When Should Dogwood Trees Be Pruned?
The dogwood (Cornus spp.) is an easy-to-grow, dependable tree that blooms profusely in spring, covering itself in white or pink flowers, depending on the variety. Although the tree develops a naturally pleasing shape, you might want to prune it to... More »
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