When to Prune Jasmine?


To prune jasmine, cut back the branches of Jasmine plant that are crossing each other or awkwardly growing out from the plant without support, or in parts that are overcrowded. The flowered stems should as well be cut back to the base at an angle. For good growth, prune every third or fourth branch.
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Night-blooming jasmine is also referred to as jessamine and produces a mounded shrub composed of vine-like branches. It is a rather untidy plant unless carefully trimmed to keep it
Prune your Rose of Sharon bush in late winter. Any later and you'll limit bloom production, any earlier and you'll weaken the plant as it tries to survive winter.
It's a good idea to prune Winter Jasmine after it flowers. Thanks for
after flowering
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Jasmine is best pruned in late summer or early autumn just after it has flowered. When pruned at this time, it is able to acquire new growth, which will be able to mature and flower by the start of the next season.
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