When do you prune olive trees?


Olive trees should be pruned between the end of winter and flowering. Usually pruning before bud break is risky in cold climates as the plant can have a stunted growth. Removing shoots at bud break usually results in much more vigorous growth of the remaining shoots.
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1. Wait until early spring and prune your olive trees beginning low at the base of the trees rather than the upper branches. Olives are notorious for prodigious growth of suckers
You have to prune an olive Tree soon after the fruit has been harvested when the tree is in a more dormant state. In Spain lots of trees are pruned at the same time as the fruit is
When we prune trees there are some basic goals we try to strive for.
There's a finality about pruning flowering trees and shrubs that is scary. After all, once the cuts are made, there's no going back; a mistake will deprive you of this ... Read More
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