When to Spray Apple Trees?


Apple trees are sprayed before and after it blooms. When apple trees exhibit green growth for the first time, it should be sprayed with horticultural oil spray. When almost all of the apple blossoms have lost petals, the tree should be sprayed with fruit tree insecticide and is best repeated every one to two weeks, only stopping the application of the spray two weeks before harvesting the apples.
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1. Remove the top of the garden sprayer by screwing it counter-clockwise. Rinse out the sprayer and nozzle with water to ensure that there are no traces of previous spray treatments
It depends on what you are spraying. There are different schedules for different parts of the country and whether you are going organic or semi-organic or whatever. Usually, there
Spray apple trees in the Spring at blossom drop and when the
get in touch with your county extension service office. they'll have all the right info for your area. http://www.csrees.usda.gov/Extension/. clik on your state, then find your county
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Apple Tree Care & Spraying
Apples grow in 6,000 different varieties, each providing unique, delicious flavors. Apple trees can be grown in a variety of different climates, giving home gardeners a chance to produce their own fruit. Learning the proper procedures for apple tree... More »
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Apple trees should be sprayed in the early spring before buds have formed. Spraying later than that can lead to fruit malformation and a deterioration in yield.
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