When two experiments are identical except for one variable, the experiment is called a?


When two experiments are identical except for one variable it is called a controlled experiment. This allows the effects of that one variable to be studied accurately.
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When 2 experiments are identical
Basically, it states both the pea plant and you are hybrids. For example, the M pea plant was tall and green, The F was short and yellow. The daughter plant could be Tall and yellow
DataTables-taglib was the first project, very basic and very buggy. DataTables4j was much more featured but the project has recently moved to Dandelion. You can browse the doc. here
  Peridontal experience.What would you do. I'll try to make this as brief as I can, I have peridontal disease, I've had the surgery to help.At my 6 month checkup I was consulting a new family dentist and they wanted to clean them as part of the consultation, I called the peridontist office,enlightened them and they said let him clean them this time and just check in next time. Ok, at the same time, I have a large gap in my two front teeth and was told to get braces,bonding,etc. a year ago.Due to lack of money and an elderly Mother who is freshly widowed and health problems, I couldn't get in there until recently.I got my teeth cleaned, the peridontist comes in and flails his arms and is scolding me that He told me too do this a year ago and he's not responsible if I get the braces and my teeth fall out in 3 years.he wasn't nice either) So shocked I asked what should I do then? He continues to scold me and said I told you to do this a year ago.These teeth are not good.I said so what, have them pulled and get a bridge or what? He then tells me to consult with my dentist.I'm not resposible. is all he kept saying. I haven't seen you in a year.He scolded me so bad that it was hard to hold back the tears.It's embarrassing enough without him getting loud about it.I think he expects me to just be glad I have teeth.I just wanted out of there.there's only one other peridontist in our town and I really want to not look like an Appalation pig farmer.After I left I got mad after I got over my humiliation.It seems I need his permission to do do anything to my teeth because the family dentist and the orthodontist always want to confer with him first.Last year I kept my appt. with him 1 week after my father died and when he came in scolding me I bawled uncontollably.I explained to him I am the last to get anything done due to no insurance and an elderly sick mother and it doesn't phase him he still scolds.What does this man want? I'd like to go to the other peridontist but that's another $70.00 just to consult with me the first time and I hear he's no good.Anybody had a similar experience?Can anyone explain this mans attitude to me? Other than not have the money to come as often as he says or Mom's in the hospital at the time I don't know what he wants from me?Why does wanting my teeth to look descent offend him so much?
Answer 1. Your situation is difficult to say the least. I'm so sorry about your plight with your inconsiderate dentist. You have put him in a difficult position. You sound like you
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