When was the apostle Paul born?


According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, the apostle Paul was most likely born in the year 4 B.C. in Tarsus, Cilicia, which is in modern Turkey. Paul was one of the earliest leaders of Christianity, and, by some accounts, second only to Jesus Christ in influence.

Paul is also notable because he was born a Hebrew and formerly adhered to Judaism. His early years were marked by animosity towards the Christian movement, which changed when Paul experienced a conversion while on the road to Damascus. In the events of the conversion, Paul is said to have experienced a vision of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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There is no record of his birth but it would have occurred early in the first century.
The bible doesn’t actually say when he was born though it does say that he was a young man when the bible introduces him at the stoning of Stephen (Ac 6:13; 7:58) Paul approved
Greek Paul of Tarsus also known as Paul the Apostle or Saint Paul was born around 5 BC in Tarsus & died in Rome around 67 AD. He firmly believed Jesus would return in his life
Saul (Paul) was born in Tarsus. He was born into an Israelite family of the tribe of
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Paul of Tarsus was born in Tarsus, Cilicia (now Turkey).
The apostle Paul wrote the Christian religion's earliest texts while crisscrossing the Mediterranean and preaching about the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth. Paul's letters to other believers -- declaring that Jesus had risen from the dead and was... More>>
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Paul was born in Tarsus in AD 10, and died in Rome in AD 67, according to Eusebius, and Tertullian says, Paul was beheaded in Rome. According to a legend in Rome ...
Saint Matthew was born in Palestine sometime in the first century, before 42 A.D. He was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus and was the author of the first gospel ...
St. Paul was born around A.D.10, at Tarsus, in Asia Minor. He was called Saul, after his conversion he changed his name into Paul. St. Paul is the second most ...
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