When was Daisaku Kawada born?


Daisaku Kawada is a London-based painter from the United Kingdom. As of 2014, no information could be found on the Internet about his date of birth; only references to his work.

Daisaku is a well-known artist widely admired for his unique style of contemporary art focused on kaleidoscopic, geometrical and natural patterns, and radiant colors. Daisaku may use wallpaper, stencils, repetitive patterns and off-balance multicolored combinations. Some of his work is painted on MDF panels instead of traditional canvas, which enables Daisaku to create richer, optical effects and multi-layered construction. His work and CV can be viewed on his exclusive website at DaisakuKawada.com.

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Daisaku Ikeda was born on January 2, 1928.
January 2, 1928 in Ota, Tokyo, Japan
October 6th 1973.
1935 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
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