When Was Galaxy Chocolate Made?


Galaxy chocolates were first launched in 1960. They are made by a company known as Mars which manufactures drinks, confectionery, petcare and food. Mars has been in operation since 1932. Galaxy chocolates have grown and strengthened over the years and they come in several types.
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The Galaxy Dove chocolates were introduced in late 1956. During that year, a Greek-American immigrant from the Chicago area named Leo Stefanos was credited for creating such delectable
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Dove (sold as Galaxy in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Middle East) is a brand of chocolate made and marketed by the Mars company.
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Galaxy chocolates were first made in 1956. In that year, a Greek-American immigrant from the Chicago area called Leo Stefanos was credited with creating the milk chocolate. Almost 30 years after it was launched, Mars Incorporated acquired the Galaxy Company.
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