When Was Mars Discovered?


Mars is a planet visible to the naked eye, and hence was 'discovered' before recorded history.
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Mars has always been visible in the night sky but the first recorded naming of the planet was by the Babylonians in about 1600BC.
The ancient Babylonians were one of the first people to give Mars a name. It has
Mars is visible in the night sky, so it was known about before recorded history. Ancients saw it only as a red dot among the stars. When it approached the Earth and shone like a burning
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Mars has been known since prehistoric times.
Mars is one of five planets that are actually visible to the naked eye. As such, it has been know to humans for thousands of years. It becomes bright in the night sky every 2 years or so. The ancient Babylonians were one of the first people to give Mars a name. They called it Nergal, after their god of war. The Greeks called it Aries after their deity of war. The Romans renamed it Mars, again after their own deity of war. In 1609, Galileo studied Mars with his primitive telescope.
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