Where Was the Compact Disc Invented?


CDs (Compact discs) were officially introduced into the market in the year 1982. The CD was designed by Philips and Sony; the two corporations started the digital audio disc project in 1979. The first CD for commercial purposes was manufactured in a Phillips factory in Germany, year 1982.
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The prototype of the CD was presented during March 8, 1979, it was made available to the public in 1982.
James Russell invented the compact disc in 1965. Russell was granted a total of
(m) In the early 1970s, using video Laserdisc technology, Philips's researchers started experiments with "audio-only" optical discs, initially with wideband frequency modulation
James T. Russell invented the Digital Compact Disc (CD) in the late 60's. The 1st was released 10/1/82
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The Compact Disc, a spin-off of Laserdisc technology, was developed by researchers at Sony and Philips Consumer Electronics, and introduced in 1982.
The compact disc was first publicly demonstrated by Sony in September 1976. In 1985 was when the computer readable CD-ROM was introduced and the CD-Recordable was introduced in 1990.
The compact disc was invented in 1961 by a man named James Russell. In 1981 he sold his invention to Sony and Phillips, who most people believe actually invented the compact disc.
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