Digital Clock Invented?


Digital clocks were invented in 1956 and later became more popular. They were originally powered by quartz or an electronic power supply.
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john a mcdonald. duh.
The digital clock was first invented in 1956 by D.E. Protzmann.
The first digital clock was invented by Peter Petrov in 1973. He was a NASA engineer & later an inventor whose enterprises developed heart-monitoring equipment. report this answer
If you mean with a digital display, 1972. See below. Reference: In 1957, The Hamilton Watch Co of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, produced the world's first electric watch. The Hamilton
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The pendulum clock was invented in 1656 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens. It was patented the following year. They had a major problem in that they would ...
A digital clock is a type of clock that uses numerals to represent the time instead of hands that move around the face of the clock like in analogue clocks. Depending ...
No one invented time as it was here before mankind. Quartz crystal clocks were invented in the 1920's and time zones were initiated in 1884. ...
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