When was the dryer invented?


The clothes dryer, one of the true marvels of convenience, slowly developed into its current form over the last 200 years. The first clothes dryer was a hand-cranked model built in 1799 by a French inventor who today is known only as M. Potion. An automatic dryer was patented by George T. Sampson in 1892, and an electric tumble dryer was invented in 1915.
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1890 by a french woman-Alexandre F. Godefroy. the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.
Clothes dryers were first invented in England and France in the early 1800s, no one
The first cellphone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper and Motorola. The first cellphone call was made by Cooper from a portable Motorola handset on April 3, 1973. The first cellphone
It was invented in France by Alexander F. Godefroy in 1890. He used it in his salon there.
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