When Was the First Tsunami?


Tsunamis have been occurring on the earth long before intelligent man was around to keep such records, therefore there is no way to know exactly when the first one occurred. Scientists have found evidence indication of a tsunami that occurred about 65 million years ago, and believe it was caused by the impact of a large meteor hitting the earth.
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1. Run a computer simulation of the effects of earthquakes in various areas of the globe. Run the simulation just after an earthquake with an epicenter in the ocean, in order to predict
The word. tsunami. (pronounced su-nah'me) is Japanese for harbor wave. Some tsunami may reach heights of 100 feet (30 m) or more. They are giant waves that hit a coastal area and
1. Learn about tsunamis. Know where they form to how tall they can get. Ad. 2. Plan a setting. It can be as simple as a normal tsunami hitting a small village in Oregon to a massive
Tsunamis are ocean waves caused by large earthquakes and landslides that occur near or under the ocean. Scientists do not use the term "tidal wave" because these waves are
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The tsunami happened on December 26, 2004. Some refer to it as the Boxing Day Tsunami because that day was the holiday observed as Boxing Day. This was the worst ...
The last tsunami occurred in Samoa Islands in September 2009. This was caused by an 8.0 earthquake. Thousands of people were affected by this tsunami. ...
Tsunamis usually occur in the ocean near coastal areas that are close to fault lines. They begin usually deep beneath the ocean when an underwater volcano erupts ...
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