When was the first video game invented?


"Tennis For Two" is considered to be the first video game, which was invented by William Higinbotham. It was introduced to the public on Oct. 18, 1958, at Brookhaven National Laboratory's annual Visitor's Day event.

“Tennis for Two” is an electronic tennis game played on a small oscilloscope screen. Players look at a two-dimensional, side view of a tennis court. Using a controller with buttons and rotating dials to maneuver an invisible tennis racquet, two players serve and volley a little ball over the net. As the ball bounces from one side of the court to the other, it leaves a trail. Higinbotham once said that he created the game to show people that the scientific work being done at Brookhaven National Laboratory was relevant for society, and to simply liven up the annual Visitor's Day.

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Technically, there is no one single inventor of video games. However, the earliest known interactive electronic game was created by Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on
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Tennis for Two was first introduced on October 18, 1958. It was the first
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There are numerous debates over who created the first video game, with the answer depending largely on how video games are defined.
Willy Higginbotham's Tennis for Two is considered by many to be the first real video game, but Ralph Baer came up with the idea of playing games on TV sets in 1951.
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