When was the First Wheel Invented?


Interesting question! The first wheel was invented around 3200 BC for Mesopotamian chariots. But, before that, the potter's wheel was invented in 3500 BC.
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5th century BC, it was created by the sumerians and there where a lot of evidence and the sumerians lived in mesopotamia.
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Based on diagrams on ancient clay tablets, the earliest known use was a potter's
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It is uncertain what culture invented the wheel, though it is thought to have been first used in the late Neolithic period. The earliest evidence of wheels, which were used for spinning pottery, come from ancient Mesopotamia as early as 3500 BC.
The first wheel was said to be invented back in 8000 BC somewhere in Asia. The first form of a wheel was a roller, that was placed under heavy objects to help move them from one place to another.
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