When Was the Last Time You Experienced Great Customer Service?


Most people receive great customer service in various places and it is not easy to note when they all received great service. This will vary from one individual to another. Good customer service is achieved when a customer experiences extraordinary service that is beyond their expectation.
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In the context of a job interview this question is not about "when" you had good service but "why" it was good service. This demonstrates that you know what good
Great customer service is very hard to find. Goos customer service is have someone help you with every question your have, Someone who has good customer service is also very friendly
1. Remember the customer's name and use it periodically throughout the conversation. This will reinforce that you are paying attention and treating that person as an individual. Don't
1. Greet the customer. A simple and friendly "Hello, how can I help you? will generate a response from the customer you are serving. Be genuine about your greeting lest the customer
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