When Was the Muon Neutrino Found?


The muon neutrino is the second of the three neutrinos. It, along with the muon, forms the second generation of leptons, hence its name muon neutrino. The muon-neutrino was discovered in 1962.
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Measurements have set an upper bound on the mass of the muon neutrino of 50 MeV
1. Synchrotron of energy 15GeV. 2. Direct proton beam from synchrotron against target to produce pions. 3. let the pions travel a short distance so most will decay to muons and neutrinos
You're confused. There is no such thing as a Lepton particle. "Lepton" is a category, which includes all those particles with similar properties: 1/2 spin, responsive to
muon neutrino A type of neutrino associated with the muon, often created in particle interactions involving muons (such as muon or pion decay). The muon neutrino has a mass no greater
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