When was the Stone Age?


The term Stone Age refers to the prehistoric period before the advent of metal-working, when most tools were fashioned from rocks and stones. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the Stone Age lasted about 2.5 million years.

Stone Age people had not yet mastered the art of making tools from metal, so they had to rely on tools made from stones, animal bones or other natural objects. The end of the Stone Age is marked not only by the advent of metal work but also by the development of agriculture and the first towns. In Europe, the Stone Age was succeeded by the Bronze Age about 4,000 or 5,000 years ago.

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The Stone Age refers to an archaeological time period when early humans first became tool-using mammals. This is believed to have occurred 600,000-700,000 years ago. The Stone Age
Stone age was made millions of years before us.
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The Stone Age refers to a period of time in human prehistory, all the way back from the first primate toolmaking (Homo habilis), more than 2.6 million years ago to about 3500 BC, when metallurgy in the form of smelting copper ore was developed.
The Stone Age is usually divided into three separate periods--Paleolithic Period, Mesolithic Period, and Neolithic Period--based on the degree of sophistication in the fashioning and use of tools.
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The Stone Age period began in around 10,000 B.C. It is characterized as the period when humans used tools made of stone. ...
Stone Age refers to the pre-historic period when people used stones for most of the things they did. Implements with a cutting-edge, sharp point or percussion ...
The stone age typically represents men carrying around large stone tools and wearing animal skin around caves. A lot of people's ideas about the stone age come ...
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