When Webcaming a Video on Someones Wall How to Get the Uploader Thing up Facebook?


If you want to attach a webcam video to someone's wall on Facebook, you will need to attach your camera to your computer and click on the comments section of the person's Facebook page. When you click there should be a row of icons that come up underneath. Select the video camera and the format will come up to download the video off of the webcam. You can also save your video to your computer's hard drive and upload it that way too.
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It could be that it's just not working right now. Try again later or you could upload the video to another site like picasa or youtube and then post the URL link on the Facebook wall
"Wall pictures if you are not a friend..." I don`t think you are capable of looking at someone else`s wall to wall pictures if you are not a friend . Your best bet would
You could upload it to YouTube and then post it on his or her wall as a link; the video would appear on the wall along with the URL. Source(s): Experience
Im pretty sure you can just copy and paste the link or there will be a button saying "SHARE" and then in the "SHARE" options it will say "Facebook" BOOM
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