When Were Disposable Diapers Invented?


The disposable diaper was invented by Marion Donovan in 1946.Her first model of the disposable diaper was made of shower curtain plastic into which a conventional cloth diaper was inserted. Marion was granted four patents for her designs, including the use of plastic snaps that replaced the traditional and dangerous safety pins.
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The convenient disposable diaper was invented by Marion Donovan in 1950.
Because washing cloth diapers was a very unpleasant task.
The inventor of the disposable diaper was Marion Donovan, an American mother, inventor, and architect, in 1950. She first devised cloth diapers with a plastic lining, which were a
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The first disposable diaper was invented by a lady named Marion Donovan in 1946. She named it the 'Boater'. Many people today have changed back to cloth diapers because of environmental concerns. You can find more information at www.diaperjungle.com
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