Where are a Dogs Kidneys Located?


From what I know a dogs kidneys are located along their back almost down to the pelvic bone or hips. You will want to ask a vet where your dogs kidneys are located to be certain they can move up or down depending on the size of the dog.
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Location. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs (actually resembling kidney beans) that are located in the middle of the back, with one on each side of the spine. Envision two fist-sized
The kidneys are only a part of a rather complex system within the dog's
Lumps can be different things like an infection, cyst, or a tumor. If the dog is limping then it is in pain and should see the vet. ASAP.
The kidneys are to the left and right of the spine along the dog's back just behind the rib cage.
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A dog's kidneys are located in generally the same place as a human's. A dog typically has two kidneys. They are located under the spine near the area where the last rib connects to the spine. You can find more information here: www.petplace.com
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