Where are Adidas shoes made?


Adidas manufacturers its shoes in many different countries, with the most factories in China (337), India (99), Indonesia (79) and Vietnam (76). Adidas as a company is based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, where it has 23 factories.

Adidas was founded in 1949 by a German cobbler named Adolf Dassler. While many people believe that Adidas was chosen as a name because it meant "All Day I Dream About Sports" or some more colorful variants of such, it was actually named after its founder by combining the "adi" sound from Adolf and with the "das" sound of Dassler to end up with Adidas.

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They are made in many different factories around the world, but they are most commonly made in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
Go to the adidas store near you and you will see.
Adidas are made throughout Asia. They do not have a code of conduct, & their factories are
I'm not familiar with Madrid, but I do know two shoemakers with made-to-order programs and stores in Madrid: Carmina. and their sister brand. Meermin. http://www.carminashoemak. er.com
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