Where are Chevy trucks made?


Chevy trucks are made in the USA under the Chevrolet brand. Chevrolet is owned by General Motors Company. Some Chevy trucks include the Silverado, the Avalanche and the Colorado. You can find more information here: www.chevrolet.com
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I couldn't find out the information. Last time I read, there built in Singapore. Only
The Detroit-based Ford Motor Company manufactures its F-Series and Ranger trucks throughout the world. It also has other truck versions rebranded and sometimes redesigned for foreign
It depends on what you consider a truck. If you consider the SSR a truck, then that was the fastest made. But if you want to know the fastest truck, it would have to be the 454SS
only the vin can tell you that, look up and decipher all the digits, and you will be surprised what you can find out. Source(s): ase certified master technician.
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A vast majority of the final assembly of Chevy trucks are made in the United States but of course like all trucks or cars they are made of thousands of parts that are made in the USA and abroad.
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