Where Are Dell Computers Made?


Dell computers are built in Round Rock, Texas. Dell computers was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell.
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•Austin, Texas, Nashville , Tennessee , Winston-Salem , North Carolina , Eldora do , and Brazil also a lot of other places too. Dell PC's are mostly, if not all made in China
Dell has many factories where their computer are built. Some include, Austin, TX, and
At age 15, Michael Dell began dissecting Apple computers, including his own, to find out how they ticked. When his bedroom became too cramped to hold the components of his re-engineering
At the Dell factory. Some are made in Texas, and some in Canada. Sub assemblies and components come from all over the world. Laptop batteries come from the Sony Exploding Batteries
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Michael Dell created the company PCs Limited and designed his first computer, called the Turbo PC, in 1985.
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