Where Are Diatoms Found?


Diatoms are found in the oceans, freshwater, soils and damp places. They are a common type of unicellular algae that photosynthesise and often live in colonies.
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Mostly in marine photic zones .
Diatoms can be found in all of the world's waters both fresh and salt, and there are
Diatoms are a unique form of algae that can grow in a silica shell. There are many different species of the diatoms, and they provide a significant amount of the world's oxygen. They
They are found in group 7 of the periodic table (halogens). Cl2, F2, Br2, I2 form diatomic molecules because they only need one electron to have a full stable valance electron shell
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Diatoms are found in freshwater and saltwater. They are a very common type of algae. Diatoms are unicellular but often live in colonies. Diatoms can be harmful to other aquatic animals when they boom or have a population explosion.
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