Where Are Diatoms Found?


Diatoms are found in the oceans, freshwater, soils and damp places. They are a common type of unicellular algae that photosynthesise and often live in colonies.
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Mostly in marine photic zones .
Diatoms can be found in all of the world's waters both fresh and salt, and there are
They are found in group 7 of the periodic table (halogens). Cl2, F2, Br2, I2 form diatomic molecules because they only need one electron to have a full stable valance electron shell
The diatomic state of that atom is much more stable than the unbound state. Everything that you see around you contains energy, even if it doesn't move. All molecules and atoms have
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Diatoms are found in freshwater and saltwater. They are a very common type of algae. Diatoms are unicellular but often live in colonies. Diatoms can be harmful to other aquatic animals when they boom or have a population explosion.
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