Where are Dickies Clothing Made?


At it's birth in the 1920's the Dickies clothing manufacturing took place in Texas. Currently they market world wide but there is no evidence that the clothing sold in the U.S. is made anywhere but in the U.S.
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Fake dickies are made mostly by Levi or walmart you can go to the store and grab a pair of "Fake" dickies for around 20 to 25 $ have fun.
Online Sites. The best place to find a wide array of American-made clothing is online. There are several Web sites that post links to online stores that sell clothes labeled "
Email the company. Either they'll tell you exactly where they make and under what conditions, or they'll ignore you. The most likely scenario for a brand their size is that they are
You can buy Dickies at Hot Topic, scrub stores, and Dickies stores!
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The Dickies clothing brand became an official manufacturing company in 1922 in Bryan, Texas where the clothing line continues to manufacture the product into different variations and styles.
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