Where Are Fossil Fuels Found?


Fossil fuels are found within the rocks of continents, islands, and below ocean and sea beds all over the earth. It is believed that this non-renewable form of energy was formed millions of years ago from geological processes that acted on dead animals and plants.
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fossil fuels are found under islands and continents.
Russia has huge reserves of mineral resources. It is especially rich in
Fossil fuels-coal,oil and natural gas were formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants and animals that were compressed and chemically changed as rocks formed on top of
The first documented dinosaur fossil was found Western Europe in the 1820s. It is assumed that many dinosaur fossils were found before this; many earlier writings describe people
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Fossil fuels are located deep in the Earth. They are used to provide forms of energy for our society. They are mined in the Earth's deposit.
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