Where Are Gemstones Found?


Gemstones occur in several locations all over the world. They are mined in many places, with the largest producers being Brazil, parts of Asia like Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma, and several countries in East Africa (such as Kenya and Tanzania).
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In many places in the world, usually associated with schists and other high grade metamorphic rocks.
While the best rubies comes from Burma, good quality is also found in India,
Faceted gemstones can be bough at many online jewelry stores, individually or in bulk. The prices may vary depending on the size, cut and clarity of the stones. These stores generally
I think you want the geology section.
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There is a chart that you can use to find out where gemstones are found in the United States. The chart list all the states and what stones can be found in that state. You can find more info at: www.jewelrymall.com
Gemstones are found in all different countries including the United States. It depends on the type of gemstone you are interested in. But some come from river beds and banks and others come from mountains where there may have been molten or lava rock. They get cut and polished and you have a great stone!
Gemstones are found in the ground. Miners mine them out of deep caverns and tunnels they dig. Gemstones of all different kinds are found all over the world.
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