Where are hurricanes found?


Hurricanes are usually found in the tropical areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They occur in areas of light winds, high humidity, and warm sea surface temperatures. They characterized by numerous thunderstorms and large low pressure centre.
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If you're in New Orleans, hurricanes can be found in a glass all along Bourbon Street. Hurricanes, the storms, form over open bodies of water, such as oceans.
hurricanes are usually found in the north and south part of the world.
Pyrite is a combination of iron and sulfur. It is found in sedementary and igneous rock areas. It is found all over the world but mostly found in United States.
Tsunamis occur in coastal areas in the Pacific Ocean. The active volcanos that surround the Pacific make this area prime tsunami real estate.
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Hurricanes are usually confined to the tropical areas of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, although sometimes they can go further north or south, albeit not often.
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