Where Are Pandas Found?


Pandas are found in the forest areas of China namely Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. Sichuana province however has the highest number of pandas. Their habitat is in areas that are dense moist and has a lot of bamboo.
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In Asia, particularly China.
The panda's habitat surrounds the great Sichuan Plain. To the north are the Qinling Mountains
According to and article published in the Ottawa Citizen on August 17, 2009, there are 15,900 giant pandas living in the wild and 180 have been bred in captivity. There are only 20
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Giant Pandas live in forests in China.
Pandas are found in the hills and mountains in China. There aren't a lot of them left. They mainly eat bamboo shoots and they don't bother anyone.
Pandas can be found in six tiny regions in southwest China. This is along the Tibetan Plateau. This area is less than 5,400 square miles and is of very high altitude. You can find more information here: http://www.camelotbears.com/bears/panda-bears/panda_bears_about_us.html
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