Where Are Pearls Found?


Natural pearls are found in the Persian Gulf, the South Pacific, the Gulf of Mannar, the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico. They can also be found in the Pacific coast of Mexico Europe, Japan as well as Australia. Pearls are created due to a secretion of shelly matter around some irritating foreign elements.
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Pearls are found in oysters. A pearl is developed when a grain of sand enters the oyster and its defense mechanism starts to wrap the sand in shell.
Freshwater pearls are found or cultivated in freshwater mussels. Saltwater pearls are found
Japan. The Mikimoto family of Japan is one of the largest purveyors of natural and cultured pearls. In 1893, the company invented pearl culturing and pioneered the practice of bead-nucleation
Natural pearls are found in oysters in the ocean. They tend to be imperfectly round. The more perfectly round pearls are found in oysters in farms used for the purpose of producing
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Pearls are found in clams. Pearls are also found in oysters and mussels. Most pearls are made by oysters in saltwater as well as in freshwater.
In science class we learned that pearls are found in oysters. Whenever something gets into a oyster shell, like a grain of sand, the oyster produces a pearly substance to trap it. Over time, it forms a pearl.
Pearls are found inside of oysters. Oysters are found in the sea. Most pearls now are cultured pearls, which means that they are started outside by man and placed in an oyster to finish.
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