Where Are Seiko Watches Made?


Seiko watches are made in Seiko Holdings Corporation, a Japanese company located in Minato, Tokyo. The company was founded when KintarÅ? Hattori started a watch and jewellery store during 1881.
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Seiko timepieces are manufactured in Japan. There are factories located in Kamedo, K?t?,
1) As far as I know they are NOT "almost all made in China. And in any case, just because something is made in China does not necessarily mean it should be cheap or one should
I am not sure. But you can search this in the internet. But don't trust fully on the information of the website. You should go to the shop you found in the website and then buy the
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Seiko watches are made in Japan. The watches have always been made in Japan. Seiko watches are the best-selling watch in the world. Approximately 1,000,000 of them are sold every year.
That's a good question according to their website Seiko watches are made and manufactured in Japan. With watchmaking expertise since 1818 they still remain in Japan. Most Seiko watch models will have the phrase 'Made in Japan' engraved in small letters on the back.
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