Where Are the Aztecs from?


Aztecs are from central Mexico where they have lived since the 12th century AD. They speak the Nahuatl language and are sometimes referred to as Mexica. Their settlement is called Tenochtitlan.
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An Aztec was a civilization of people who lived in Central Mexico in the 14th, 15th ,and 16th century. The spoke the Nahuatl language. Their culture has been studied by many people.
1. Explain the principles of the Aztec calendar. Tell students that there are two systems within the Aztec calendar: the sacred tonalpohualli based on a 260-day cycle, used for rituals
Aztec Empire Also known as Aztec Triple Alliance 1325 - 1521 → Capital Tenochtitlan Language(s) Nahuatl Religion Aztec religion Government Hegemonic Empire Tlatoani - 1376-1395
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Aztecs were certain ethnic group from central Mexico. They dominated large parts of Mesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries. The capital of Aztec empire was ...
It is believed that the Aztecs came from an ancient area called Aztlán through the Berlin straights to Mexico. They built an empire that got to its peak ...
The people known as the Aztecs lived primarily in the heart of central Mexico. Their main city, Tenochtitlan, was located where modern-day Mexico City now stands ...
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