Where are the grandparents in "Jon and Kate Plus 8"?


One of the grandparents of the children featured on the reality TV show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is deceased. The other three grandparents do not appear on TV.

Kate Gosselin's parents, Charlene and Kenton Kreider, live in Pennsylvania, as do the Gosselins, but are reportedly not involved with any of their 19 grandchildren. While there have been rumors that the Kreiders disapprove of how the Gosselins chose to raise their children, these claims have not been confirmed.

Jon Gosselin's father is dead. His mother, Pamela Gosselin, has remarried and is apparently involved with her grandchildren, but prefers to stay off-camera.

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John and Kate live outside of Philadelphia in PA.
well the network they are on is tlc so try tlc.com under jon and kate i know that they have episodes you can watch, im not sure if they are full episodes but im pretty sure they are
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