Where can a teen mother find an apartment?


There are various government and private services available to help teen mothers find a safe place to live for herself and her child. One of the most respected organizations that assists young people in need is Covenant House. According to Covenant House, it offers teen residents workshops in parenting and provides the tools to help young moms achieve independence.

Second Chance Homes is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. According to HUD, Second Chance Homes can be either a group home living situation or apartment cluster for single teen moms. Homes in this program are supervised by an adult. Teen mothers get training in parenting and life skills. Residents accepted into the program are required to finish high school or work on getting a GED. This program also offers job training and employment services. Several states have Second Chance Home programs that offer various assistance in securing a place to live.

Insights is a non-profit program that is dedicated to helping teenage mothers with transitional and short-term apartment renting assistance. According to Insights, its HomeSafe program offers intensive case management for teen moms age 19 and under. Insights also has a national Healthy Families program that provides hands-on parenting skills training.

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