Where Can Fossils Be Found?


Fossils are preserved remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms from the past. They can be found in many places especially on the beach or in quarries. Other places to find fossils include under the rocks, in the cliff, on the tide line and in the scree slopes.
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Fossils can be found deep within the Earth's crust. They form when the remains of an animal or plant are covered with sediment. Over time and with pressure this sediment turns to
Look for locations where rock is exposed, such as quarries, places where earth has been moved for a road to go through, strip mines, cliffs, tailing from coal mines or gravel pits
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The first documented dinosaur fossil was found Western Europe in the 1820s. It is assumed that many dinosaur fossils were found before this; many earlier writings describe people
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Where Can Fossils Be Found?
Knowing where to find fossils is part of the work of paleontologists. These scientists study fossils through knowledge of geology and biology. Amateurs also hunt for fossils as a hobby, collecting specific types of fossils or fossils in general.... More »
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Fossils can be found almost anywhere! Typically, fossils are found buried deep beneath the Earth's soil, and perhaps at the bottom of oceans!
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The Diplododocus fossils have been found in the Western North America. States where fossils have been found include Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana. ...
Fossils are commonly found in sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks are the most common type of rock since they are formed by the earth's natural forces like wind ...
Glossopteris fossils have been found in all of the southern continents. This brings scientists to the assumption that once all the continents were connected. It ...
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