Where can I buy a camel?


Camels can be purchased at Lonesome Bull Ranch in Lake Corpus Christi, Texas. They can also be purchased at Camel Hill Vineyards and Exotic Animals in Los Gatos, Calif,. and at Australian Camel Farm Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The price of camels varies depending on age, gender and breed. As of 2014, a newborn male dairy dromedary camel at Lonesome Bull Ranch is $2,950, while a female is $4,950. Full-grown camels sell for much more. At the Lonesome Bull Ranch, a 6-year-old dromedary white male camel sold for $11,750, and a W-80 paint female sold for $12,800. The Australian Camel Farm in Australia has over 600,000 camels available for domestication.

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