Where Can I Buy a Cheap Chinchilla Cage?


Chinchilla cages can be bought online at nextag website at a price of between £57.81 and £229.99. Some of these cages have double floors with hook on ladders and large fabric resting hammocks made of wire mesh.
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1. Build the base for the cage. This will also act as a frame for the litter tray. Fasten 2x4 pieces of wood together for the sides and back with screws arranged to form a 4-inch
1 Remove Chinchilla(s) from the cage and put them in a play gate area or have someone hold them. Or put them in a large, safe box. (Don't close the box though)! Ad 2 Clean cage with
What cage? One with metal bars. It depends on personal opinion - do you want solid floor or wire floor - this is the pros and cons of each: Wire Floor: Pros: The waste from the chinchilla
try craigslist in your area, or you can get a fn142 [which is a great cage for chinchillas, but you will need to replace the plastic out for a metal pan] but on ferret.com they are
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Cheap chinchilla cages are either second hand cages or cages made out of poor materials. You can get the best cages from second hand cage sellers at either mammothpets ...
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