Where Can I Buy a Fire Extinguisher?


You can get a Kidde 1kg multipurpose fire extinguisher for use on small domestic fires for an amount of £14. Fire extinguishers are also available in B&Q for £13.98, tooled-up.com for £20.95, and CPC for £17.98.
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A fire extinguisher works by first removing the safety pin. Once the safety pin is removed, depress the operating lever. The lever pushes on an actuating rod, which presses the spring-mounted
1. Lift the extinguisher up in both hands. Notice whether it is heavy or light. If it feels heavy, there is an extinguishing agent (water, foam, etc) inside. If it feels light,the
1 Call for help before attempting to extinguish a serious fire. The fire may take hold much faster than you're capable of dealing with it, and if help is on the way, it removes one
lack of oxygen OR of flammable material (fuel) but usually lack of heat. Water is used to remove heat from a fire involving ordinary combustibles.
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Extinguishing a fire relies on a simple principle. Fire can be extinguished by removing either the fuel source, or the oxygen source. Modern fire extinguishers ...
When there is a fire, it is very important to call the fire department and use the appropriate fire extinguisher or extinguishing method. Evaluate the fire to ...
The most common type of fire extinguisher contain the foaming type agent to put out fires. Other types of fire extinguishers contain water, dry powder, halon and ...
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