Where can I buy a penguin?


One can buy a penguin from the penguins4sale. They stock a variety of small and specially bred penguins. The penguins do not have to spend all their time in the water and they are very social and do enjoy the human company.
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Penguins are very cute and smart animals. They are fun to watch but legally you are not able to own one in the United States. Some zoos will allow you to adopt a penguin for a yearly fee to help offset their food and vet costs.
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Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a penguin as a pet. These are wild animals and there are laws that protect these animals. Why don't you go to your local zoo ...
You can buy penguins from stores such as penguins 4 sale. However, the sale and ownership of real penguins is subject to numerous laws in different countries and ...
You cannot buy a penguin. It is illegal to acquire one in any way, bought by/for you or not. Some zoos are even banned from keeping penguins, because the climate ...
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