Where can I buy a sugar glider?


There are various shops in the United Kingdom that sell sugar gliders and they are found in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, Brechin in Angus and Netley in Southampton. There are also sites that sell the gliders and they are sugarglidershop and pets4homes.
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1. Make sure it is legal. Sugar gliders are not legal to own without a special permit (or at all) in Alaska, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine and Utah. In some states, such
1. Purchase a cage. Though many breeders will give you a cage with your purchase, it may not be big enough. Minimum cage size for a pair of gliders is 3 feet high by 2 feet wide with
Some sugar gliders "nibble" to test things. Others bite only when they're scared and feeling threatened.
Really sexualy, but the baby is born pre-mature and crawls into the pouch. the sugar glider IS a marsupeal.
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There is a site www.sugar-glider.com where you can buy sugar gliders online. They will ship it to you, but they are a little expensive. You can also buy from a local breeder, just google sugar glider and your state. That's a better way because they will be cheaper and you can hold it before you take it home. You can find more information here: http://www.sugar-gliders.com/sugar-glider-price.htm
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Sugar gliders are not legal in California because they were banned by state authorities after they were found untameable. The main reason that contributed to this ...
Sugar gliders are often kept as pets. In order for them to do well, they must be fed a proper diet and housed appropriately. Fresh fruit and honey are two foods ...
Sugar Gliders are usually a silvery-greyish color with white on the belly and a black stripe that runs from the top of their head to the tip of their tail. They ...
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