Where can I Buy a Vintage Trapper Keeper?


Not too many places sell vintage trapper keepers. You can probably find them at yard sales, vintage stores and you can find them on Ebay for sale. But that would be about it.
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In my opinion, one great place to find things, like a Vintage Trapper Keeper is Ebay. Another way that I find items like that is by placing an ad on Craigslist. It is always so much fun to find items that we once used.
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A Trapper keeper is a brand name for 3 ring binders that has been around for as long as I can remember. Trapper Keepers are popular because they often have many features such as pencil
1. Choose a solid color Trapper Keeper from the store. Stick with a color you like. Decide how you want to decorate it. 2. Choose photos of your friends and family. Open the magnetic
a trapper keeper is a binder with 3 rings and a magnetic opener and closer. like shown:
The Trapper Keeper was invented in 1981 by the Mead office and school supply
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Almost any store has the trapper keeper. The best time to find a abundance of them is right before the school year begins. You can look at wallmart, target and ...
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