Where Can I Buy Amaranth?


Amaranth grains are a good source of proteins and dietary fibre. You can buy them from stores such as Sainsbury and Walmart. Online sites where you can buy them include healthysupplies and finefoodspecialist.
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Amaranth is sometimes called Pigweed, and some folks say alot of varieties are just weeds. It actually is used as a grain in some countries, the leaves can be used as greens or veggies
Is a plant the can be eaten, in the carribiean it's called callaloo, china hin Choy or yin tsai.
1. Place the skillet on the stove over high heat. Let the skillet become hot enough that a drop of water disappears when you drop it on the surface. 2. Put a spoonful of amaranth
1. Dice the peach. 2. Add the amaranth and diced peach to the mixing bowl. Combine gently. 3. Pour in the maple syrup and sprinkle over the spices. Gently mix through. 4. Serve. This
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Amaranth flour can be bought from Goodness Direct, an online health food store. It is easier to find the seed of the Amaranth plant and the seed can be used to ...
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