Where Can I Buy an Owl?


You buy an owl from Bird Trader, World Owl Trust and Festival of Owls. However, since an Owl is considered a bird of prey, particular permits and licenses are required by the law for you to rear an owl.
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Owls are cavity dwellers. They live in hollow logs or hollowed spots in old trees, on ledges of cliffs, in underground burrows, in old and abandoned houses and buildings or old barns
1. Find a barn, silo or old church steeple to look for barn owls. They prefer these types of places since there are high areas where they can hide during the day and sleep at night.
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In the United States as well as Canada, you cannot buy an owl anywhere since they are birds of prey and illegal to keep in captivity. There are special circumstances to owning a captive owl however. Rehabbers and some educators are permitted to keep owls, but they are not purchased and are usually injured birds from the wild.
You cannot buy an owl, at least legally. Owls are birds of prey, and special permits will be required to keep one. If you find an owl which somehow needs care, you could feasibly be granted permission to care for it if you demonstrate ability, but it is unlikely. Should you manage to acquire an owl(please do so legally if you do), it is important also that you take care in interacting with and feeding it. Owls go directly for the eyes of prey or intruders, so you will need to wear protective goggles around your pet.
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