Where can I buy Cobbie Cuddlers shoes?


You can buy Cobbie Cuddlers shoes from locations and places such as major department stores that sell shoes within them, from shoe sellers and shoe stores in your local area, and from Cobbie Cuddler catalogs and websites as well.
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Footstar Corporation. 201-934-2000. but no one seems to be available to answer their phones.
There are some for sale on eBay: http://search.ebay.com/cobbie-cuddlers-w….
Cobbie Cuddler leather loafers for women are manufactured by the Haband Company. The business launched as a mail order company for apparel and accessories in 1925. Its corporate headquarters
Cobbie Cuddlers shoes can be purchased at K-Mart and Sears. The best time to look for sandals is in the spring (the earlier the better) when the new shipments come in.
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Cobbie Cuddler shoes made by Haband can be purchased online through their own website. You can also buy Cobbie Cuddler shoes in store at Kmart. Kmart has a large selection at affordable prices. You can find more information here: www.haband.com
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