What is Cyanide?


Cyanide is a chemical compound that is highly toxic to living beings such as humans and animals. Many people refer cyanide to pretty much anything chemical and harmful to a living being but this is not true, You can find more information on the
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Cyanide is an ion, CN-, composed of carbon and nitrogen and is highly toxic. It can replace oxygen in your blood effectively choking you. Click here for the answer from Answers.com
1. Know the symptoms of cyanide poisoning. Excessive perspiration, dizziness, altered breathing, pinkish skin hue and nausea are early indicators of cyanide poisoning. If left untreated
( ′sī·ə′nīd·iŋ ) (metallurgy) Introduction of carbon and nitrogen simultaneously into a ferrous alloy by heating while in contact with
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Cyanide is highly toxic chemical compound that is made of the cyano group. It is mostly used in the mining industry for mining of silver and gold. Cyanide is mostly ...
You can buy cyanide capsules from online stores such as Amazon or from Play at a price that ranges between nine and 10 pounds. However, cyanide pills are lethal ...
You can buy Potassium Cyanide from selected retail stores in the UK such as Cousins UK located in Romford, Essex and Carnock Chemicals in Burntwood. However, you ...
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