Where Can I Buy Dried Lavender?


Dried lavender can be bought online at Daisy Gifts Ltd in quantities from 50g to 10Kg. They are also able to supply 1Kg to 10Kg packs of exceedingly fragrant lavender in bulkiness to trade and non trade customers.
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Flower collectors and spice afficionados know how to dry lavender. Drying lavender blooms locks in the essence of these beautiful and fragrant blooms so that they can later be used
1. Cut stems from the plants just above the woody portion before they are in full bloom to ensure their fullest fragrance and sturdiness. 2. Gather stems of a similar length into
1. Harvest the lavender before it's fully in bloom. Cut the lavender at the base of the stem when the buds are just opening. This will ensure that the dried lavender will retain a
Cut a bundle of lavender, about 8 oz which is a bundle that will fit in your hand, and place a rubber band around the stems. A lot of people are unnecessarily worried about cutting
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You can buy lavender oil in any cosmetic shop or online at the simplysupplements and justessentialoils websites. It is commonly used for relaxation, depression ...
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