Where can I buy Hot Wheels?


You can buy hot wheels from various stores or order them from among the many online shops, which stock them. Stores like Toys R Us, John Lewis and Argos are some of those which sell hot wheels. One can check the local directory to find toy stores around their areas, which stock these popular toy cars.
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You can buy Hot Wheels by the case at toy stores like Toys R Us. Some other options for buying the tiny vehicles by the case are eBay and Amazon. Lastly, you can ...
A Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt refers to a line the brand made. The particular models were made between the years of 1995 and 1996. They included the Dodge Viper R10 ...
The most expensive Hot Wheels car is $140,000. It is the most expensive toy car in the world. The car has 2,700 diamonds all over its 18k white gold frame. It ...
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