What is Oxalic Acid?


Oxalic acid is a chemical compound. It is a colorless solid and is very strong. It is used in manufacturing of glucose products, mainly for diabetics.
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Oxalic acid is manufactured by heating sodium formate together with an alkali catalyst to form an alkali oxalate, which would be converted to free oxalic acid when treated with sulfuric
The formula for Oxalic acid is C. 2. O. 2. (OH) 2.
Oxalic acid is a multi purpose bleaching,cleaning polishing product. It is found in many
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Oxalic acid can be obtained in a number of places online such as mistralni, bonnymans and swanseatimber. Oxalic acid has a number of uses such as a rust remover ...
Oxalate is an oxalic acid molecule which links up the calcium and crystallizes under some condition. Oxalicis used as wood bleach because it removes stains without ...
Oxalic acid refers to a colourless crystalline organic compound with the formula H2C2O4.It is usually used in bleaches, especially for pulpwood. It is also used ...
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