Where Can I Buy Piranha?


You buy piranhas from exotic pet owners. Piranhas come in black and red belly. This fish are very aggressive and need to be taken care of very well. You can find more information here: www.buypiranha.com
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Piranha are fresh-water, omnivorous fish. There are many varieties of piranhas, and while there are many myths about them, only four of the species are completely carnivorous.
1. Offer young piranha cubed brine shrimp, as recommended by the University of Michigan. You also can use blood worms. These foods are found in the fish department of local pet stores
1 Feed your piranhas regularly. Frozen mussels, cockles and lance fish are great choices to feed to your piranhas. Ad 2 Provide lots of cover for your piranhas in the fish tank. Piranhas
Piranhas originate in South America (sometimes under other names) and have also been found
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You can buy piranha fish in the UK at the piranha supplier and retailer shop, which is the Amazon Basin. They are the leading importers and exporters of the fish ...
It is illegal to buy Piranhas in the US. But you can buy a fish called the Cichild that is some what like a Piranhas. And the Oscar is like one too. ...
If you live in the state of California owning a piranha is illegal. In other states, however, they are legal to own. You can purchase this breed of fish from a ...
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